This is a post by Bruce Bodnyk on the 3HIT Site.

Have you had your CAD system crash from working on an assembly that is too large?  Do you fire up your CAD files before you leave the office at 5PM so they will be open the next morning?  It doesn’t need to be that way!Effectively and efficiently dealing with extremely large assembly structures (on the order of hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of components) is an extremely important issue to certain CAD users and is probably the one remaining computational issue that will typically drive most CAD systems to their knees.  In fact a quick Google search on “Solidworks large assembly management” returned a large number of hits.  The first on the list has a single tip; “Don’t make Freakin’ Large Assemblies”.  This is hardly useful for the user who does need to make freakin’ large assemblies!

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