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Have you tried the new contextual Update Symbol Command in Creo 8?

Starting with Creo 8, new contextual Update Symbol command on the shortcut menu allows you to update the already placed symbol instances to their latest symbol definition. User can use this command if they have symbol instances placed in a… Continue Reading →

Have you tried the new contextual Transform Command in Creo 8?

Starting with Creo 8, several new contextual commands for modernized symbols have been added to mini toolbar and shortcut menu in Drawing and 3D modes. Transform command- The new contextual Transform command on the mini toolbar allows you to quickly… Continue Reading →

The New High-Speed Milling Extensions for Creo Are Here

Mike Gayette in the blog “The New High-Speed Milling Extensions for Creo Are Here” discusses about Realizing high levels of efficiency in your subtractive manufacturing might be easier than you think with High Speed Milling (HSM) and High Speed Milling… Continue Reading →

Have you tried model tree column and search tool property to report the designation state of annotations in PTC Creo 8?

Starting with Creo 8, new Annotation Designation Model Tree column displays designation state of each annotation that is reported to Windchill MPMLink. The designation states are as follows: Not Designated, Designated, and Control Characteristics. The new search tool property Annotation… Continue Reading →

How to use embedded components in Advanced Framework Design (AFX) in PTC Creo 8?

Starting with Creo 8, navigating and selecting components to copy is much easier. The Copy Component Definition dialog box now also shows all the framework components in the assembly in tree form. This dialog box is used whenever you want… Continue Reading →

Have you tried Multibody for Generative Design in Creo 7?

In Creo Parametric 7.0 support for volumes of overlapping solid geometry and geometry of different types has been added. This is helpful in generative design where you can designate bodies to design, manage, and visualize input geometry for different purposes… Continue Reading →

Did you know about the enhancement of Additive Manufacturing in Multibody design ?

Starting with Creo Parametric 7.0, multibody models for Lattice tool and 3D printed parts are supported. Multibody support for Lattice includes – Applying lattice to a selected body Creating a lattice in a new body Multibody support for 3D printed… Continue Reading →

How to use bodies as design tool in multibody part in PTC Creo 7?

You can create and use bodies that are intended to act as modification tools to change geometry in other design bodies. You can also add and use bodies from different parts or from external Creo part libraries, using data sharing… Continue Reading →

Do you know that Tooltips for the Drawing View Are Configurable?

From the Creo Parametric Options dialog box, you can control what information appears in tooltips in the drawing view. You can also set configuration options to configure these tooltips, including the configuration option dwg_disp_dwg_view_tooltips which when set to no, turns… Continue Reading →

New Gallery of Symbols in PTC Creo 8

Creo 8 has added a new gallery that lists all of the symbol folders under separate groups that could be expanded or collapsed. It also supports several thumbnail size display options and a name-based search for the entire gallery of… Continue Reading →

Have you explored creation of Construction Draft Entities in PTC Creo 8.0 ?

With Creo 8.0, the new construction mode allows you to sketch reference geometry with phantom lines, before you create the final geometry. This increases the variety of construction mode geometries. This mode supports construction lines, arcs, rectangles, etc. In addition,… Continue Reading →

Did you know about the new Intermittent tab for Weld Preferences in PTC Creo?

Starting with Creo 8, you can create welds with intermittent spaces between the welds in Creo. A new Intermittency panel has been added for intermittent fillet and groove/butt welds. From here you can define pitch, number of welds, and weld spacing. A… Continue Reading →

How to create straight drilled hole in combination with the tapped, tapered hole section in PTC Creo?

The Hole feature option added for NPT, NPTF, and ISO-7 standard holes in Creo allows you to create a straight drilled hole in combination with the tapped, tapered hole section. Hole charts (.hol files) are updated to drive thread depth and… Continue Reading →

Did you know about the newly added recursive references in PTC Creo?

The new Recursive References option in Creo 8, allows users to recursively list potentially impacted references in the Replace References dialog box. Note, this option is only available when you replace quilt references. When this option is selected, the system… Continue Reading →

How to use the improved Freestyle align function in PTC Creo?

The Freestyle Align function has been improved, resulting in a higher quality surfaces. Now the vertices no longer behave like a vertex creases by forcing the geometry vertices to align with the control mesh vertices. A geometry vertex position is determined by… Continue Reading →

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