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PTC’s flagship simulation offering — PTC Creo Simulate — is optimized for more than just the Ph.Ds. and analysts working within your product design and engineering organization. It’s also a great tool for engineers and designers at all skill levels, according to Mark Fischer, the director of PTC’s simulation products & CAD partner strategy. sat down with Fischer recently to learn more about the benefits of PTC Creo Simulate. He said key features like automatic mesh creation and a strong focus on usability make the tool a great choice for engineering teams that don’t have a crew of Ph.D. educated analysts, but still want to bring products to market faster. He also had some sage advice for companies considering the purchase of a new simulation tool. Here are some excerpts from that conversation:

What is it that sets PTC Creo Simulate apart from the competition?
Mark Fischer: 
When you look at the traditional means of how our customers deal with managing or evaluating their products, it’s either done by an analyst or it’s done by building a prototype and testing them, and that is both time consuming, expensive, and it really limits their ability to solve design problems early. And so — to answer your question — I truly believe that what sets us apart is how we solve this problem of creating a simulation tool that can be integrated into the complete design process and can be used by engineers and designers all the way to analysts. That is truly what differentiates us from the competition.

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