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If you work as a designer or engineer, your job is to identify problems and then apply your expertise and creativity to solve them. In short, you’re an idea person. Got a rib that weighs too much? A can opener that no longer sells? You can find a solution. In fact, with your training, you can probably come up with many solutions. And that’s when the trouble begins.

Let’s go back to that overweight rib. How would you address it?

You could use a thinner profile, remove material, redesign the overall assembly so it doesn’t need that particular support, use a different material, or even a different manufacturing process. I’ll leave it to you to decide what works best. But note that we’ve introduced five ideas for modifying the part. And if you wanted to try combinations of those solutions—a thinner profile and a different material, for example—you would have even more alternatives to explore.

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