You can now import inseparable assemblies from the standard import profile dialog box.

The inseparable structure is preserved when you import assemblies in Creo.

The component glyph reflects if it is an inseparable component of the assembly. You can now update your imported assembly through ATB if the original source has been modified. You cannot change the inseparable status manually.

The ownership of the inseparable status belongs only to the ATB update.

Breaking the ATB link (Make Independent) makes it possible to extract the components to their own file, but you lose the update capabilities.

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1.When you convert the Unite Creo Wrapper to a Creo model, the inseparable assembly is extracted into individual Creo files.

2. Currently, Creo does not support the export of inseparable assemblies to other formats.

User Interface : Click File > Options > Data Exchange > Import Profile