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What Is Computational Fluid Dynamics?

This is a post from PTC. Continue Reading on PTC’s website Computational fluid dynamics is simulation and analysis performed in computer-aided design (CAD) software to calculate the flow of liquids or gases in or around a product. It is a… Continue Reading →

Did you know about the new Create Draft View in PTC Creo 8?

The new Create Draft View option allows you to select several entities (either created or imported) and convert them all into a new 2D draft view that could also be scaled. This is useful when you import legacy drawings that… Continue Reading →

Have you tried the new transparency control for quilts and bodies in PTC Creo 8?

Previously, transparency could only be set by persistently changing the assigned appearance. Now you can set the transparency percentage levels for solid bodies, quilts, and tessellated geometry without applying appearances. This enhancement also provides buttons to toggle the transparency of… Continue Reading →

Frequently Asked Questions About PTC Education’s Licensing Program

Cat McClintock in the blog “Frequently Asked Questions About PTC Education’s Licensing Program” discusses about the following You may already know that PTC offers free licenses of software for students at all levels through our PTC Education Program. You probably also know… Continue Reading →

Did you know about the new Dimensioning Scheme group for groove/butt welds in PTC Creo?

The Fillet Weld dashboard has been updated with Creo 8.0. A new Dimensioning Scheme group has been created for groove/butt welds. The dashboard contains the following groups: Position Type Edge Preparation Weld Size Scheme Lightweight Weld Trajectory Click here to learn more

How to import inseparable assemblies & embedded components in PTC Creo?

You can now import inseparable assemblies from the standard import profile dialog box. The inseparable structure is preserved when you import assemblies in Creo. The component glyph reflects if it is an inseparable component of the assembly. You can now update… Continue Reading →

Did you know about the selective removal of Dangling Beams in PTC Creo?

Remove dangling beams option is to remove beams that are not attached to a solid or another beam on both ends in beam-based lattice. Starting with Creo 8.0, you can control which surfaces should be used to remove the dangling… Continue Reading →

How to call out values of body parameters into a leader note in PTC Creo?

With Creo 8.0, you can to call out the values of body parameters into a leader note that is attached to that body. To do that, use the following syntax inside the leader note : &<parameter_name>:att_body For example, &BOM_PART_NO:att_mdl or &INDEX:att_body. When you… Continue Reading →

How to control geometry snapping guides while sketching in PTC Creo?

When sketching with the new tools, you have a better control of the snapping guides when snapping to draft entities or to model geometry (config.pro based options). With this enhancement, it is much easier to achieve the design intent. It provides… Continue Reading →

Create 2D Views for Sketch entities with Creo 8.0

The new Create Draft View option in Creo 8.0 allows you to select created or imported entities and convert them all into a new 2D draft view that could also be scaled. You can also create relation between several draft… Continue Reading →

Repeat region support for inseparable assemblies and embedded components.

A Quick Introduction to Creo Render Studio

Katelyn Stevens in the blog “4 Signs Your Team Needs CAD Training” discusses about the following Creo Render Studio compiles model appearances, scenes, lighting, and more to help you create striking rendered images. A rendered image shows how an environment reflects… Continue Reading →

Creo 8: Now with Model-Based Definition and Updated Generative Design

Time to market and quality designs can make all the difference in product success, but it isn’t always easy to balance the two factors unless you have the right toolset. Pushing the design team to move quickly may lead to… Continue Reading →

[Study] 3 Eye-Opening Business Results from Simulation-led Design

Cat McClintock in the blog “[Study] 3 Eye-Opening Business Results from Simulation-led Design” discusses about the following Simulation-led design is an approach to product development in which engineers analyze their work during the design phase. That is, they use tools built into… Continue Reading →

Workspaces Taking Forever To Load?

Whether you’re reading this proactively, or looking into workspace issues for performance or stability, Nadeem Malik will lay out some recommendations on how to leverage the workspace within Windchill more effectively. What Makes a Workspace? What is a workspace within Windchill,… Continue Reading →

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