This is a post by  Clair Tyra on the EAC Site.

I remember quite well the anxiety of deciding what college I should attend. Like many, I knew I would be paying for it myself, and I wasn’t exactly fond of racking up thousands of dollars in student loans. It was absolutely crucial that I picked a school and a program that would bring me the most bang for my buck without sacrificing the quality of the education.

So many students are facing that same decision today. Although my career path was never destined for engineering, I did end up working with a company (EAC) that provides anything an organization needs to start or maintain an engineering group/department. This includes the education sector. One of our customers is Globe University, formerly known as the NTI School of Technology in Woodbury, MN.

The Globe staff has gone to great lengths to ensure that their students realize the benefits of a great education while providing it at a great value. Dan Podzimek, who heads the Drafting and Design program, ensures that their engineering students have the breadth and know-how to have successful careers by making sure they are well versed in relevant CAD solutions.

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