Cat McClintock in the blog “The Creo Parametric User Interface: A Quick Introduction” discusses about When you sign up for Creo training, one of the first areas of the Creo Parametric Interface that you’ll learn about is the Graphics Window.

Simply put, the Graphics Window is the main working area of Creo Parametric in which you create and modify models such as parts, assemblies, and drawings. Images of your models will be displayed in the Graphics Window and from there you can view and edit them from all angles. The Engine assembly shown above appears prominently in the Graphics Window.

The in-graphics toolbar is embedded at the top of the Graphics Window. The buttons on the toolbar control the display of graphics. A status bar located at the bottom of the Creo Parametric window provides options to control the display of the Navigator and Browser.

Features themselves will display in the Model Tree to the left of the Graphics Window, which can be easily located in the Navigator. The Model Tree is part of the Navigator Window and by default appears along the left side of the interface. The navigator includes the Model Tree, Layer Tree, Design Tree, Folder browser, and Favorites.

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