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It used to be that an “entertainment center” was a heavy oak piece of furniture that took up a wall of the living room. It housed your TV, game consoles, VHS tapes, video player, and maybe the photo albums too. It all seems so primitive in retrospect.

Today, a smart TV replaces all of that. Smart TVs are devices that integrate Internet into your television. So you can stream media and run apps and even listen to the stereo, all on your TV. In fact, you can use your smart TV with inputs from USB devices, laptops, Blu-ray player, a local storage drive, satellite signal, etc. You can wirelessly connect your TV to peripherals like computer keyboards and mice, headphones, and mobile devices, too.

But it won’t necessarily be easy. All those devices traditionally transmit and receive signals on their own low-power frequencies. As you add peripherals, things can get messy.

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