In Creo 7.0 we can now create and use bodies that are intended to act as modification tools to change geometry in other design bodies. Using these operations increases productivity by applying faster and easier design workflows and reducing the need to switch to surface or quilt-based workflows and tools.

Geometry creation tools such as Extrude or Revolve can be used to create bodies for this purpose in the context of the geometry of our design part. We can also add and use bodies from different parts or from external Creo part libraries, using data sharing features such as external Copy GeometryMerge, or Inheritance.

Geometry from different bodies can overlap without being merged together automatically. We can use new tools such as Body MergeBody Subtract, and Body Intersect to apply Boolean operations on selected bodies.

The below picture shows Boolean operation Subtract to use the gray tool body to create grooves in the yellow design body of a plastic part.

Depending on the selected Boolean operation type, we can use Body to modify to specify a body or several bodies to modify and use Modifying bodies to specify one or more modifying bodies. By default, the modifying body or bodies are consumed during that Boolean operation. Use Keep bodies to preserve modifying bodies when needed.

In addition to Boolean operations, there are other operations we can use to act on bodies and to create new bodies:-

• Split Body—Divide a body into two bodies by a splitting object or by volumes.

• Copy—Create a copy of a body.

• Move Geometry—Translate or rotate the body.

• Geometry Pattern—Create multiple instances of a body to form a geometry pattern.

• Mirror—Create copies of bodies mirrored about a planar reference.

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