Starting with Creo Parametric, we can now select multiple annotations in the Model Tree, Detail Tree, or the Graphics Window, and designate all of them to Windchill with a new option called Designation on the shortcut menu.

Two levels of designation are available:

1. General designation
2. Designation as control characteristics

Select annotations and right-click to open the shortcut menu. Click Designation and select the Designate or Control Characteristics checkbox to set the required designation status.

Now, there is a new configuration option default_annotation_designation, to define the default designation status of newly created annotations in the model. The valid values for this config option are:

  1. none*
  2. designate
  3. control_characteristics.


 We now have a new user command option annotation_designation<value> that pushes the desired designation status to existing annotations in the legacy models.

The following values can be used with this command: none, designate, control_characteristics.

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