Previously, you had to use a workaround to create a closed volume, and then deselect the undesired walls.

Starting from Creo 9.0, it is useful when you create a beam-based lattice over a particular surface or a collection of surfaces. It streamlines the workflow to create surface lattices based on the stochastic algorithms.

You can select the On bounding surfaces option to create a stochastic lattice by selecting individual surfaces or quilts, without selecting a body.

You can select the Patch open areas option to automatically fill voids on the surfaces.

This enhancement eliminates the workaround for skin lattice creation. It provides you with enhanced control when creating a lattice on the skin of a part. It enables the creation of skin lattices with open sections.

For more information, follow this link.

User Interface Location:

  • Click Engineering > Lattice > Cell Type > Stochastic.

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