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In this Tech Tip, we will show you how to place a 3D Annotation Note inside a box.

This methodology will create a note containing a digit inside a box and then by referring to that digit i.e. the Note Number, we will place additional long text which will explain about what actions are supposed to take place at the locations shown with the notes.

Now, Observe below steps to achieve the required result –

Step 1

Figure 3: The CUSTOM Annotation Plane

Activate the Combined State ‘Threaded_Holes’ and then activate the Annotation Plane named as ‘CUSTOM’.

Step 2

Create a Leader Note by taking a reference of the datum point ‘HOLE_PLACEMENT1’

Figure 4: The Leader Note with no text

Step 3

Figure 5: The note text

Type in following text in the Leader Note – ‘@[1.@]’

Step 4

Select the ‘Editor’ command from the ‘Text’ group of ‘Format’ tab

Step 5

Figure 7: Command Prompt and notepad windows

command prompt window and notepad window will open as Figure 7.

Step 6

Close the notepad window and observe the change in the Leader Note display as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8: The Leader Note inside a box

Step 7

Figure 9: The FLAT TO SCREEN Annotation Plane

Change the Annotation Plane to FLAT TO SCREEN 

Step 8

Create an Unattached Note with the same text again – ‘@[1.@]’

Figure 10: The Unattached Note with the syntax

Step 9

Figure 11: The Unattached Note inside a box

Now the Unattached Note should look as Figure 11.

Step 10

Create one more Unattached Note besides the previous note as shown and then select the ‘Note from File’ option

Figure 12: The Note from File option

Step 11

Figure 13: The selection of Note_1.txt from the file

Select ‘Note_1’ from the Working Directory and click ‘Open’

Step 12

Observe the explanatory note created for the four datum tag locations indicated by the note 1

Figure 14: The explanatory note for the leader note inside the box

Step 13

Figure 15: Adding Leaders to the Datum Tag locations

Add leaders to the first note by referencing the remaining three datum tag locations as shown in Figure 15.

Step 14

Activate the ‘Counterbore_Hole’ Combined state and then activate the ‘RIGHT’ Annotation Plane

Figure 16: The RIGHT Annotation Plane

Step 15

Figure 17: The Leader Note inside a box

By referring to the previous stepscreate a Leader Note as shown in Figure 17.

Step 16

Activate the ‘FLAT TO SCREEN’ Annotation Plane and create an Unattached Note as shown in Figure 18.

Figure 18: The Unattached Note inside a box

Step 17

Figure 19: The explanatory note for the leader note inside the box 

Create another Unattached Note besides the previous note with ‘Note from File’ option and select ‘Note_2’ as the input file.