Starting with Creo 7, when annotating a drawing per the standards, there might be a requirement for multiple normal or tangent leaders that are coming out of a single annotation. The command Add Leader provides the flexibility so you can meet this detailing standard.

In earlier Creo Parametric releases multiple leaders are available for regular leaders, not leaders that are normal or tangent to the reference. In Creo Parametric and later you can create multiple normal and tangent leaders. You no longer need to use jogs to manually get the same result.

Note: Supports the following types of leader annotations: GTOLS, notes, balloon notes, and symbols

Limitation: The second leader is created as the same type as the first leader. For example, if the first placement is normal, then the additional leaders are also normal to the reference type.

User Interface: Place a leader annotation normal or tangent in relation to your reference, right-click and select Add Leader.

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