This blog is published by NXREV and in this blog “Implementing Simulation-Driven Product Development with CAD Simulation” Author discusses about if you, like so many manufacturing companies, are getting into model-based design (MBD), you realize how critical it is to have a 3D modeling solution that includes rapid simulation capabilities to support your efforts.

Why You Need CAD Simulation

Rapid CAD Simulation Is a Game Changer

Simulation-driven product development ensures that you can quickly create rich CAD models. Using CAD simulation, these models are destined to become the source documents for your entire supply chain, including:

  • Raw material and component suppliers
  • Subcontractors
  • Your own manufacturing and inspection teams
  • Post-sales service team

Optimize Product Designs Fast

The best solutions use the most up-to-the-minute CAD simulation techniques to support your designs so you can create high-quality, innovative products. Robust generative design and simulation tools help you enhance and refine your designs.

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