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This is not a blog post about which tool can deal with a certain situation or what tool you will be able to acquire for the lowest price. Instead this is a post that relates to the need of evolving our methods of working.

Already here, you might start to sense a little bit of resistance, the word evolve is synonymous with change, and a synonym to change is many times resistance. But if we swap “change” with “improve”, there is a likelihood we can remove some of that resistance. Because that is what the text here is about, not changing our way of working but actually improving what really matters – improving product quality, improving reliability and as an icing on the cake, reduce cost while doing so.

With a business outcome as a focus, we start with the result and we do not need to focus on functions, features and the cost of a tool. Those are aspects I understand will have to be part of the equation, but I urge you to bring these aspects into the equation once we have validated that the future involvement of method, is synonym with improvement.

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