This is a post by Geoff Hedges on the Tri Star Site.

In the flurry of announcements about PTC Creo 3.0 over the past few weeks, there’s one iOS users may have missed: PTC Creo Sketch is now available on the iPad. Here’s something else you might have overlooked: In some situations, you can also access PTC Creo Parametric, PTC Creo Simulate, and other major apps from your Mac.

PTC Creo Sketch

If you’re not familiar with PTC Creo Sketch, it’s a free lightweight app for quickly capturing concept designs. You can use it to create freehand 2D sketches, draw smooth curves, add airbrush color and highlights, and even strategically erasure lines and color. It’s great for pitching ideas and suggesting solutions before you’re ready for detailed design.

It’s also helpful for non-CAD experts who want to participate in the design process. They can create their own sketches or easily mark up yours. Read more about PTC Creo Sketch here.

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