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When you’re working on a CAD part that has thousands of holes, or maybe you’re designing a large hole pattern, you don’t want your model’s complexity to slow down regeneration of the model and, thus, your productivity.

You can now (as of Creo 8) change hole geometry from a solid to a lightweight representation—improving the performance of your design through reduced memory usage and regeneration time.

You might be thinking that lightweight representations of holes were available in previous versions of Creo Parametric — and you’re right! However, the option to use lightweight holes was previously available only for certain types of holes.

With Creo 8, you can use it for any type of hole. This includes standard and drilled/sketched simple holes in the part modeling environment. Beyond Creo Parametric, this functionality is also available in other Creo part modeling environments, such as Sheet Metal and eCAD.