The new Generative Topology Optimization application, powered by Frustrum, combines topology optimization and simulation algorithms to generate a series of optimized results focused on manufacturing criteria, running seamlessly in Creo Parametric.

You can automatically generate design based on critical goals, materials, physics, and manufacturing processes. With Generative Topology Optimization you can perform the following actions:

>Explore different design solutions based on critical goals, materials, physics, and manufacturing constraints.

>Define multiple design conditions for exploring alternative optimized solutions and then compare the results.

>See the results update automatically when you modify the design model or optimization input values.

>Integrate results to review stresses and deformation.

>Output the selected result as new fully-featured parts, to further refine the design.

>Easily modify the design and update the optimization.

>Analyze the model in Creo Simulation Live with original optimized conditions.

Use Generative Topology Optimization to increase engineering productivity and improve innovation and conceptual design exploration. Develop higher-performance designs that are lighter weight with improved durability.

For more information, follow this link.

User Interface Location: Click Applications >  Generative Design.

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