Starting creo 7.0, you can use multiple bodies to make it easier to design your parts that have more than one material.

When you design a part that has multiple materials, it requires creating an assembly, managing complex external references, and a more difficult design and design analysis across different parts. In Creo Parametric, you can use multibody design for injection-molded multimaterial parts and take advantage of the following:

>Use multiple bodies in the context of your design.

>Set the appearance and assign material per body.

>Use cross sections and hatching per body, according to the material of the body.

>Perform body interference and clearance checks.

>Reuse bodies in user-defined features (UDFs).

>Support for body reference

>Create new bodies on the fly

>Use the body concept for parameters relations and mass property analysis feature.

>Use data sharing to prepare various flavors of reference parts for mold design.

It is easier to design with multiple bodies for injection-molded multimaterial parts. Avoid the complexity of dealing with assembly objects and external references and instead use a single model with multiple bodies. This makes your design easier to visualize and reuse.

For more information, follow this link.

User Interface Location: Click Model > Body >> Right-click a body in the Model Tree >> Options for bodies in various tools

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