This is a post by Nick Milleson on the EAC Site.

Many PTC Creo users may be surprised to discover that hidden in their Creo file directory, there are two powerful CAD automation tools just waiting to be utilized! Creo Web.Link and Creo J-Link are two API tools that are packaged with all Creo installs; no extra licensing necessary. Both tools provide a way to access and modify your CAD data from a custom User Interface (UI) or a webpage.

The question is, what benefits can you reap from these tools? Perhaps there are technical staff members that don’t know the Creo tool, but they want to generate drawing PDF’s by entering some dimensional and parameter information. Conceivably, customer orders could be retrieved from a database to drive CAD or generate a Point of Departure (PoD). There are many opportunities that may arise where a UI is more efficient than modifying your CAD data directly in Creo. Today, we’ll focus on Web.Link due to its relative simplicity compared to J-Link.

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