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In Creo, if the placement surface is planar, then you can drag surface finishes in the XY direction beyond the placement surface. An extension line is created in the XY-direction when you drag the surface finish off the reference surface as shown below

You can drag the surface finish in the Z-direction even when it is off the surface till the surface finish reaches a point where an extension line cannot intersect the placement surface.

Note: You can also drag the surface finish attached to a conic or cylindrical silhouette off the surface in the direction of the silhouette if –

  • The current model orientation is the same as the annotation plane orientation of the selected surface finish
  • The surface finish is attached to the silhouette of a conic or cylindrical surface
  • The Annotation plane is parallel to the axis of the cone or cylinder.

This pic shows the movement of the surface finish along a cylindrical silhouette.

Flat to screen surface finishes do not have a directional annotation plane and do not support an extension line. You cannot drag surface finishes off the model surfaces that are created flat to screen.

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