Starting from Creo 9.0, the Manikin user interface and kinematic dragging have been enhanced to provide the 3D dragger for both direct and inverse kinematic dragging, working together with an updated Manikin Tree. The 3D dragger provides a shortcut menu for locking and unlocking available degrees of freedom (DOFs) and other tools, such as resetting the posture and reorienting the dragger in a specific orientation to support dragging in a user-defined direction.

The Manikin Tree has an updated structure and constraints section with special glyphs to indicate locked or fixed states, a shortcut menu, and cross-selection highlighting within the graphics area.

The configuration option manikin_flexibility sets the level of manikin flexibility during dragging. With this enhancement, the default value of the configuration option is changed to full*, which allows dragging of all body part components, including small components such as finger pieces.

For more information, follow this link.

User Interface Location:

  1. With a manikin on the screen, click Manikin, and then select a manikin body part. The 3D dragger appears in the graphics window.
  2. Right-click on the dragger arrow or circle to display the shortcut menu.

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