A multibody part in the Sheetmetal environment can contain the following:

•A single body of the category Sheet Metal

•Multiple bodies of the category Basic Solid

You can work with a sheet metal body in the context of other bodies.

New and enhanced capabilities for Sheetmetal that are related to multibody design include the following:

•Convert a selected single Basic Solid body to a Sheet Metal body

•In addition to the Model tab there is a Sheetmetal tab. New and existing commands dedicated to interacting with sheet metal and solid bodies are provided in the Sheetmetal tab and the Model tab.

•Use external Copy Geometry to insert bodies of the type Basic Solid. In addition, you can select the Follow Surface check box so that inserted bodies follow the Bend and Unbend operations on the sheet metal body

•Use the Boolean operation, Subtract, to subtract geometry of the selected Basic Solid bodies from the sheet metal body.

•Unfold and flatten operations only apply to geometry in the sheet metal body.

It is easier and there is more flexibility when designing assemblies that are driven in the same context. This reduces complexity by avoiding external or circular referencing. You have the freedom to define space claim and to detail the derived parts.

For more information, follow this link


  • Limitations apply for the insert hardware use case because there is no dedicated support for a Windchill connected environment relating to the management of WTparts and Bills of Material (BOMs)
  • Use of data sharing features such external Copy Geometry, Merge/Inheritance and so on, and Update Control, requires appropriate licenses.

User Interface: Sheetmetal –> Right-click a body

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