This is a post by Bruce Bodnyk on the 3Hit Site.

Bruce Bodnyk is a Mechanical Engineering Services Consultant and Instructor for MCAD Software.  He just wrote a very interesting history about Pro/ENGINEER, now Creo, from his perspective as a user. Both long time users of Pro/ENGINEER and those curious about Creo will find this interesting.

A good 24 years ago or so when I was a budding systems analyst of a fairly large global company, I had the opportunity to travel to Waltham, MA for a one week basic training course in a new mechanical design system that represented a paradigm shift in the mechanical engineering field.  Previously CAD was meant to mean Computer Aided Drafting and the software market was dominated by products like Applicon, Computer Vision, Medusa, CADAM to name just a few. In 1987, Sam Geisburg introduced a product to engineering design market called Pro/ENGINEER that was a revolutionary approach to the way products should be designed and represented in electronic format. Because of the efforts of his company PTC and the other players in the mechanical engineering field, the meaning of CAD has changed and is now meant to mean Computer Aided Design.

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