This is a post by Alex Jablokow on PTC site.

Jim Heppelmann’s Keynote at LiveWorx 2017

In his keynote at LiveWorx17, PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann demonstrated how close physical objects and their digital twins have become. IoT is the next generation of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

IoT brings data from the physical to the digital. Augmented reality brings digital information back to the physical, through the perception and resulting decisions of human beings. CAD and PLM are the matchmakers who keep those two realms together.

But this only makes sense when you get down to physical reality on the shop floor. How does IoT fit into the product lifecycle of a real product? Heppelmann demonstrated how, by showing how a connected product enables its own redesign, helps define a new market segment, and becomes a connection between manufacturer and customer.

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