The previous ModelCHECK metrics tool has been removed from support. This tool provided organizations with aggregated data on ModelCHECK usage and company-wide results. To replace that functionality, PTC customers can now review the ModelCHECK usage data in Performance Advisor.

The ModelCHECK usage data can be reviewed at an organization level and at a user level using the following views:

• Check—Displays the checks that generated most errors and warnings.

• Users—Displays which users have encountered the most errors and warnings.

• Models—Displays which models have the most errors and warnings.

With this enhancement, you can observe organization-wide trends to see improvements over time. You can also export data to perform additional analyses.

It provides a better understanding of the training needs of the users and of the overall model health throughout the organization, and helps you look at long-term trends to improve business practices.

For more information, follow this link.

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