A new Stiff Shrink feature has been added to Cabling with Creo 8.0.

The Stiff Shrink sheath feature allows you to route multiple cables and wires through it. Unlike the Bundle feature, the Stiff Shrink feature does not bend and remains straight along its axis.

You can first create a Stiff Shrink feature by using coordinate system, and then route new cables through it. Alternatively, you can select an existing location, and then place a Stiff Shrink feature on all cables that go through that location.

User Interface: Click Cabling > Cosmetics > Stiff Shrink

Limitations :-

• Stiff shrinks cannot be created on entry ports.

• Stiff shrinks cannot be split or spliced.

• After you place stiff shrinks, their locations cannot be modified, and their segments cannot be rerouted. The position of a stiff shrink is driven exclusively by the associated coordinate system.

• Bundles cannot be created on top of the stiff shrinks.

To learn more about this enhancement, follow this link