This is a post by Monica Simon on PTC site.

Sooner or later, many engineers and managers get pulled into projects that reshape the way a company works. Sometimes that sort of thing is in your job description. Sometimes not. Regardless, you find yourself tasked with both implementing a new tool or process, and at the same time convincing everyone else to use it. 
We used to see it a lot when companies went from 2D to 3D CAD, or when someone rolled out a PLM system. Everyone benefits from the hot new implementation, but they don’t always buy in right away. Ken Abbott, Global CAD Tools Leader – Drilling & Surface for GE, found himself in a similar position when his group decided to adopt model-based definition.  His leadership team aimed to cut engineering time and costs by 30-50% using MBD, and Abbott’s job was to help bring that vision to life. “MBD is my number one priority right now,” he said when we spoke a few months ago.

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