This is a post by Francois Lamy on PTC site.

Last week, PTC released Windchill 11.1. While this release will boast a lot of new features, there’s one feature in particular we think – no, we know – you’re going to love. In fact, it is the number one most requested enhancement we’ve received from our user community.

The feature? Windchill 11.1 will enable cascading attributes in parts, documents, and change objects. Cascading attributes allows an attribute value to be driven as a result of another attribute (or several attributes).  A typical example of this is seen with the three attributes Continent/Countries/Town … when selecting “Continent North America”, the options for “Countries” become “Canada/USA/Mexico”, if the “Continent” selection is changed to “Europe”, then the option for “Countries” are “France/Germany/Italy/etc.

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