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Did you know how to create Dimension while working with GD&T Advisor in PTC Creo 8?

Starting with Creo 8, Dimension creation command is now accessible while working with GD&T advisor and create tolerance features. This streamlines the annotation process with GD&T Advisor and allows User to create required dimensions without exiting the tool. The workflow… Continue Reading →

Have you tried Placement and Editing Workflows for Symbols in PTC Creo 8?

Starting with Creo 8, configuration option attach_last_symbol_to_cursor controls whether the last placed symbol is attached to the cursor when you place a new symbol. Configuration option, allow_color_change_for_symbols defines whether the color command is active for the symbols placed in a… Continue Reading →

Have you tried the new contextual Repeat Command in Creo 8?

New contextual repeat command on the shortcut menu allows you to duplicate an existing symbol, copy its customization attributes, and place it in a new location. User can use this command when they want to quickly insert a new instance… Continue Reading →

Have you tried the new contextual Transform Command in Creo 8?

Starting with Creo 8, several new contextual commands for modernized symbols have been added to mini toolbar and shortcut menu in Drawing and 3D modes. Transform command- The new contextual Transform command on the mini toolbar allows you to quickly… Continue Reading →

Did you know how to add Text Symbols for Datum Feature Symbol Annotations in Creo 8?

Starting with Creo 8, new enhancement been added to make the text symbol pallet accessible for datum feature symbol (DFS) annotations. This new enhancement allows you to easily add standard text symbols to a datum feature symbol annotation and improves… Continue Reading →

Have you tried Configuration Option to Control Reorientation of Model View in Creo 8?

Starting with Creo 8, new configuration option reorient_when_annot_plane_set controls the default behavior of Reorient model when set check box in the Annotation Plane Manager dialog box. Reorient model when set check box controls whether the selection of an annotation plane… Continue Reading →

Have you tried model tree column and search tool property to report the designation state of annotations in PTC Creo 8?

Starting with Creo 8, new Annotation Designation Model Tree column displays designation state of each annotation that is reported to Windchill MPMLink. The designation states are as follows: Not Designated, Designated, and Control Characteristics. The new search tool property Annotation… Continue Reading →

Have you tried the new transparency display filter in PTC Creo 8?

Previously, it was not possible to easily change the display of geometry representation in Creo Parametric without setting an appearance or changing the system appearances. This enhancement allows you to quickly control the display of representation geometry without setting the… Continue Reading →

Creo 8: Now with Model-Based Definition and Updated Generative Design

Time to market and quality designs can make all the difference in product success, but it isn’t always easy to balance the two factors unless you have the right toolset. Pushing the design team to move quickly may lead to… Continue Reading →

What’s in Creo Elements/Direct 20.4

Cat McClintock in the blog “What’s in Creo Elements/Direct 20.4” discusses about the following The newest release of the industry-leading direct modeling software, Creo Elements/Direct, is now available. In Creo Elements/Direct 20.4, you’ll find enhancements to Modeling and some of its most… Continue Reading →

PTC Creo Simulate: Design Better Products Faster with Simulation

PTC Creo is one of the leading parametric CAD tools used by engineers and designers to create and perfect new products. CAD software has always been an integral part of any product development process; however, until recently, it was primarily used during… Continue Reading →

For Better Assembly Visualization, Try Combination States

Dave Martin in the blog “For Better Assembly Visualization, Try Combination States” discusses about the following We use combination states to organize our 3D annotations to make them more readable and user-friendly. However, combination states have enormous capability for controlling the visualization… Continue Reading →

Here’s What’s in Creo 8

Cat McClintock in the blog “Here’s What’s in Creo 8” discusses about the following Creo is 3D CAD software that helps you build better products faster. How? With tools that speed innovation, enhance collaboration, support design reuse, and replace assumptions with… Continue Reading →

Punditas AI Advisor now supports Creo

PTC released Creo recently. Punditas AI Advisor now supports this latest version of Creo . Punditas AI allows users to learn more about “How”, What” and “Why” of these enhancements through Product 360 module.  The following modules of… Continue Reading →

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