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Bringing new products to market fast is imperative for manufacturers. Yet, for many companies, the design process has been hampered by using multiple tools to design products, store product information, and manufacture goods. This older method is cumbersome and error-prone.

The latest release of the leading 3D CAD tool Creo 8 enables engineers to store all product data directly within the 3D models using model-based definition to increase productivity and simplify maintenance. But like many breakthroughs in technical fields, it can take some time to understand the use cases and benefits of these new tools. Let’s dive into the model-based engineering definition and its benefits.

What is model-based engineering definition?

Model-based definition is a new way to design 3D models containing all the specific data, measurements, and notes needed to define a product. Using model-based definition in this way streamlines design and provides a single source of truth for everyone involved in product development.

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