This is a post by Emma Rudeck on the Concurrent Engineering Site.

Creo Parametric has improved the workflow used to improve sketching. Now, you are able to start sketching after only two clicks. For example, to being to sketch an extrude feature just start the extrude tool (located in the ribbon user interface) and then select the sketch plane. That’s it. Two clicks and you are ready to start sketching. You can also do the reverse. This time, we will select the sketch plane and then the extrude tool. Start by selecting the front datum plane as the sketch plane and then start the extrude tool. Regardless of your approach, after just two clicks you are ready to begin sketching. 


Notice that the sketcher tab is open. This contains all of the tools that you will require for sketching. Then, in addition to this, Creo Parametric starts the sketch in the 3D orientation. In this example, we are going to create a part that looks like the image below: 

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