Starting with Creo 7, you can use Align Draft to align an edge of a Freestyle shape to an external geometry reference at a defined draft angle.

You can use the align draft connection to align a one-sided or two-sided edge with an external reference curve and a pull direction plane, at a specific angle. The default draft angle is 10 degrees and the angle range is between -90 and 90 degrees from the pull direction plane. A new draft glyph appears in the graphics window with the specified angle. To easily change the angle value, double-click the draft glyph and enter a new value. You can also flip the angle direction when the aligned edge is one-sided.

Usability ius improved by the command Align Draft  in the following ways:

> Provides predictable connections for newly created surfaces

>Improves the transition control between Freestyle and external geometry

>Helps you to modify the inherent draft angle set in the generative design feature, while reconstructing the geometry using a generative design feature.

For more information, follow this link.

User Interface Location: Click Freestyle > Align > Align Draft.

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