Starting from Creo 8.0, inseparable assemblies allow you to create a single file for a multi-component assembly. The common use for an inseparable assembly is a purchased component that you want to include in your model. This component is not expected to undergo frequent changes, but you need to include it, reference it, place it, and so on in the assembly. An inseparable assembly is a single business object that you can easily manage.

This enhancement allows you to perform the following actions:

Embed: Copies and embeds the selected components and their sub-components into their owner assembly.

Extract: Extracts the component to a new standalone model that replaces the embedded component in the assembly.

Make Inseparable: Embeds the lower level components into the selected assembly.

Make Separable: Extracts the embedded components from the selected assembly.

Create Embedded: Creates a new embedded component in the assembly.

This enhancement allows you to manage purchased items as inseparable assemblies, and also manage them very efficiently as a single business object.

This enhancement is very useful when you assemble purchased component assemblies into a design.

For For more information, follow this link

User Interface Location: In Assembly mode, click Model > Operations > Inseparable Assemblies.

Release: Creo Parametric

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