You can export solid welds and define them as individual bodies, instead of merging them into a single body. The exported parts that contain solid welds as Tessellated Geometry to STEP or JT represent the solid weld as an additional facet geometry.

When you define the export profile for STEP AP242 or JT to include annotations and rich content, the solid weld PMI information is captured in the exported file –

(1) Geometric references are exported as semantic PMI of the weld symbol.

(2) Selecting the weld symbol of the imported file highlights the geometric references (surface and datum) for the given weld.

Note – Part-level surfaces and lightweight welds are not impacted by this enhancement and follow the current behavior. The assembly-level solid welds continue to be exported as separate part components of the exported assembly.

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User Interface: File > Options > Data Exchange: Export Profiles (Step AP242, JT and Neutral)