You can exchange data with Creo Parametric and preserve the design intent of the model, by maintaining the multibody definition. The multibody definition is maintained for exported Creo Parametric geometry and for imported geometry. Information about the support for exchanging data with multibody parts, follows:

•Import is controlled through the import profile for each standard format. Simply select the check box to enable multibody in each profile that you use. Selecting the check box preserves the multibody definition during import.

•Multibody models in Creo Parametric always preserve the multibody definition during export.

•Body characteristics, such as body name and body appearances, are transferred.

•When importing a part to an existing Creo Parametric model, you have the option to add the body structure from the source file, or target all imported geometry into a single body.

The following improvements are available in Import Data Doctor:

•The tree groups geometry by bodies and quilts.

•A troubleshooter checks for a solid node with open quilts.

When exporting multibody parts from Creo Parametric, you can choose to include or exclude construction bodies for each exported profile. When including construction bodies, you can choose to export as quilts or as solid bodies.

For more information, follow this link

User Interface: File –> Options –> Data Exchange –> Setup Import and Open Profiles

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