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If you’re looking for ways to kick your design work up a notch this year, look no further than the D3D 30 for inspiration. Not familiar with the award? It’s a list of 30 new technologies that DEVELOP3D says could “transform the way products are designed, developed, and manufactured. The D3D 30 is picked entirely on merit from an even lengthier list of contenders…”

Scrolling the list, you’ll see Creo 7 made the cut this year. [humblebrag]

DEVELOP3D’s Editor in Chief, Al Dean explained why in this review of Creo 7. Dean said Creo 7 “demonstrates how a company can continue to mature a robust toolset and make smart partnerships (with companies such as Ansys and Luxion), rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel.” He went on to say, “Creo is a system that is experiencing a rebirth.”

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