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Are you taking advantage of additive manufacturing (AM) yet? You should be.

The pace of AM innovation accelerates daily. The equipment is less costly and more efficient. New materials allow for parts that rival, and often exceed, the properties of those more traditionally made. And the public appetite for the 3D-printed products is growing.

Simply put, if you aren’t exploring what AM can do for your work, you and your customers are missing out. Take a look at the top 10 advantages of additive manufacturing.

  1. Cost Of Entry Continues to Fall
    You might think that diving into any new manufacturing method demands a big upfront capital investment, but with additive manufacturing, that isn’t necessarily true. The cost of entry for AM has consistently been falling. Industrial-quality printers are affordable and so are the common materials. Of course, specialized methods and materials cost more, but for most needs, it’s fairly easy to get into the game…