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Do you remember back in 1998, when NASA sent the Mars Climate Orbiter to study the atmosphere of the red planet? The Orbiter was also supposed to become a relay station for sending signals back to Earth from the Polar Lander, and hopes were high for a thorough examination of the planet.

There was much hoopla at liftoff, but utter dismay when NASA flight controllers lost communication with the Orbiter. After a review, it turned out that the probe burned up in Mars’ upper atmosphere because of a units error: One program was sending data in non-metric, English system pounds instead of the metric newtons that another program was expecting. This miscalculation caused the Orbiter to pass too close to Mars and disintegrate.

The headlines were disastrous: Metric Confusion, NASA Flub, Probe Lost Due to Simple Math Error, and Math Goof Crashed NASA Probe. A contractor ultimately took responsibility for failing to do a units conversion check, but the image of the space program nosedived.

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