This is a post by Aaron Shaw on PTC site.

Now in Creo Parametric, an expanded library of fasteners and parts now comes standard with the software. Just click Tools > Intelligent Fastener > Screw and then click a datum point, an axis, or a hole on your model where you want to add the connector.
Then follow these steps:
Indicate whether you want the system to use a threaded screw or a bolt and nut. For a threaded connector, select two aligning surfaces. For bolt and nut, select opposing surfaces.
A Screw Fastener Definition dialog appears. From here,
Pick the fastener, nuts, and washers from the comprehensive library.
Select the thread size, length, hole tolerance, and counter bore location(s) as needed.
Click Preview to see the fastener on your 3D geometry, without committing to the changes.
Click OK to commit the changes.

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