This blog is published by NXREV and in this blog “How-To: Model-Based Manufacturing Planning and Execution with Creo” Author discusses about along with everyone else in the manufacturing industry, we’ve been talking a lot about model-based manufacturing, also known as MBM, and the benefits the methodology brings to companies that adopt it. Essentially, model-based manufacturing takes model-based definition, also known as model-based engineering, one step further. As a result, the methodology becomes not just an engineering tool but a universal tool for everybody, all the way through the manufacturing process.

With model-based definition, the engineering team creates a 3D model of a product or design idea. The model contains all the item’s documentation, from engineering BOMs to product specs to process steps. But if the activity stops there, many of the benefits are lost.

The Situation without Model-Based Manufacturing

Without model-based manufacturing, the manufacturing team continues to rely on their existing ERP and SFC solutions to plan materials, schedule production, and execute against those plans.

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