Creo Parametric 6.0 added a very useful feature to start allowing us to exclude annotations from our design and graphics when their parent feature is no longer available. 

Child annotations can be excluded when the parent feature is not available in the following situations

1. Excluded by family table

2. Excluded by simplified representation or Family table instance

3. Suppressed

4. Deleted

5. Parent section was deactivated and its hatching is hidden

We can choose what we want to exclude using four new detail options. Add the Annotation Status column for the Model Tree using –

  •  Excluded—Annotations excluded due to their missing parent feature are listed for modernized annotations and for Annotation Elements owned by an Annotation feature.
  • Missing References—Modernized annotations that are failing for weak references
  • Failed—Modernized annotations that are failing for strong references
  • Unconverted—Legacy nonconverted annotations
  • Not Available—Nonmodernized annotations that cannot be converted into modern type annotations

Config options provided

  1.  excl_annotations_of_suppressed yes/no*—Determines whether to exclude annotations that are children of suppressed features.
  2. excl_annotations_of_deleted yes/no*—Determines whether to exclude annotations that are children of deleted features.
  3. excl_annotations_of_excluded yes*/no—Determines whether to exclude annotations that are children of excluded features.
  4. excl_annotations_of_section yes*/no—Determines whether to exclude standalone annotations that are children of section features when the section is not active and not shown.

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