This is a post by Madhavi Ramesh on PTC site.

As the design of your product evolves, it gets more and more difficult to understand what has changed from one iteration to the next—especially when other team members may have modified the data. With PTC Creo View, you can easily determine the differences between two versions of an MCAD or ECAD design. You can see what’s changed in 2D drawings, 3D parts, images, PCB schematics, and PCB layouts including attributes and graphic elements.

One of the key aspects of compare with PTC Creo View is that it works in a standalone mode (when not connected with PTC Windchill) as well as in the context of PTC Windchill. This means that an engineer can quickly evaluate a supplier provided design for changes before checking the data into PTC Windchill. Or, if the dataset was already available in PTC Windchill, different revisions of the dataset can be accessed in PTC Creo View to identify the changes.

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