Cat McClintock in the blog ” Adding Holes to Your Creo Design in 2021″ talks about how it’s hard to imagine a product design that doesn’t involve holes. It’s one of the first things you learn in any basic CAD tutorial . And with a little exploring, you soon figure out how to create most of the essential hole types—like a simple drilled hole or a tapered hole that complies with industry standards.

But to advance your skills, there are some additional techniques that experts use regularly that you might not know about. Plus, myriad new capabilities added in Creo 8 that will make your job easier too. Here’s a quick overview to bring your skills up to date.

Better Hole Design in Creo: Patterns and Lightweight Representations

Want to speed up your design work? It’s helpful to know about patterns, which replicate a feature (like a hole) so you don’t have to add multiples, one by one, to a part.

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