In order to use a user defined feature (UDF) for a notch or punch be sure to:

  • Only include one feature in a notch or punch definition.
    • If you select more than one feature, the group is treated as a regular UDF and you are not asked for tool information.
    • If you try and place a regular notch or punch UDF an incomplete UDF warning appears because the notch or punch cannot be used in manufacturing.
    • To create more than one cut for your notch or punch use a cut with more than one contour in its section
  • Include a coordinate system in the section sketch. You need the coordinates for manufacturing and tool axis symmetry.
    • You cannot create or place the UDF without a coordinate system.
  • Enter the proper tool ID for the UDF.
    • The tool ID refers to that same tool when and where ever you use the UDF.

About Notches and Punches

Notch and punch are templates used to cut and relieve sheet metal walls. In Sheetmetal Design, notches and punches both perform the same function and have the same menu commands, so the one you choose depends on your naming convention. Industry standards place notches on edges and punches in the middle of the sheet metal wall.

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Content Source: PTC