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It’s time for our monthly look back at what you’re reading here at the PTC Creo blog. Last month, viewers joined us in record numbers, and that tells us that whatever we’ve been doing, we need to do more of it going forward.

In March, we saw the most robust traffic on posts about new product capabilities. At the same time, a little technical advice from a long-time PTC University instructor became an instant hit. Here are the most read articles of March. Peruse the list and see if there’s anything interesting you might have missed the first time. And if there’s something you’d like to see in an upcoming post, drop us a comment at the bottom of the page.

5. Cloud PLM: A Big Return with a Smaller Investment. In February, we introduced PTC PLM Cloud, a product lifecycle management solution for small- and medium-sized businesses. In this post, industry analyst Jim Brown talks about barriers to PLM adoption for the little guy, and how offering the software over the cloud overcomes many of those obstacles.

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