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In the future, we’re all going to use 3D printing to produce our food, make cool tchotchkes for around the house, and replace our failing body parts!!! Maybe. Probably. I’m not sure. But whether you believe it or not, you have to admit, additive manufacturing has become the gee-whiz technology of the decade. And as the price of the technology plunges, the dreams of a whole DIY generation are exploding.What’s that mean to you? Well, if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably not a starry-eyed newcomer to developing products. In fact, you might have been designing and engineering solutions to problems before being a “maker” was even a thing.In this blog over the past couple years, we’ve tried to tell stories about what additive manufacturing means to serious engineers and others who make their living full time in manufacturing. Here’s what 3D printing is really changing for those of us in the industry today:Prototyping and other small jobs

As companies bring machines in-house, it’s becoming more practical to create prototypes locally. In 3D Printing Comes of Age, Barb Schmitz says by printing their own prototypes, companies lessen time constraints and costs associated with traditional physical prototyping.

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