This is a post by Emma Rudeck on the Concurrent Engineering Site.

When it comes to concept design, companies typically have a range of different paradigms that they want to use during the concept design phase. Then they want to be able to reuse this data during the design development, without losing any of the design intent. So, it isn’t a surprise that having the right tools in place is vital if you are going to make the best use of your concept design work.


Creo Freestyle has already helped companies to improve their concept deisgn work. But, now with Creo 3.0 there is the ability to control the boundaries of a freeform surface object using alignment tools.  For example, if you take an initial sketch, you can now align the freestyle structures with the sketch. You can align with tangencies and with curves. Then, when you make a change to the sketch, the freestyle object just updates automatically.

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