This is a post by Geoff Hedges on the Tri Star Site.

Recently, Britax made a significant change to its design strategy. The company, a leading manufacturer of child safety equipment, abandoned SolidWorks and is consolidating all its design work on PTC Creo. Here’s why:

Britax car seats, strollers, and infant carriers must be high quality and provide impeccable safety to succeed in the child safety market. For Britax, that means both exceeding industry standards and innovating new ideas with every product.

For example, 73% of car seats are mounted incorrectly, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. So Britax is engineering car seats that are easier and more intuitive to install—the right way, every time.

Grant Mason, industrial design manager at Britax, says PTC Creo plays an important role in the company’s direction.

“I think PTC Creo gives us the competitive advantage,” he says. “We can really push the boundaries on styling and safety innovation because of the tools available to us.”

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